Land Protect Space Invasion

With this one, if youre not that good at shooting and evading, youd fall too fast like a weakling prey. You have a lot of enemies to kill with different colors and looks and each of them are shooting with no ending and just you yourself, you have to avoid all their shoots because youd get shot by just one of them, its game over directly. Its just you wouldnt take the fun and thrill so deeply because you just have a very short chance of winning. Having all those number of enemies and by just being shot by one of them, youll die directly and you have to repeat again and again. But its enjoyable and hurrying because your enemies look like freaks and youd get the feeling of victory when you are able to hit them. Its a trouble victory fighting all those ugly creatures!

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Outer Galaxy Alien Attack

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Space Shuttle Attack

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Asteroid Armageddan World Takeover

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Super Asteroid Storm Front

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