Planet War Invasion

I am very astonished with this game because at the first instance, you really have to shoot harder and faster because your enemies in different forms and sizes just come in a simultaneous basis and would confront you so near that youd only be left panicking as to how to shoot and which to target. Bet you should try this because its like finishing the track starting from the Sun, then Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, so on and so forth. Sometimes, youd also be distracted by the planets coming your way and youd be deceived of shooting them because they came from afar even if your only target are the space vessels and large asteroids coming. Really exciting because they are so large that youd really have adrenaline rush on killing them at the very fast range you never imagined you could. I l

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Space Shuttle Attack

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Just A UFO Story

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Galactic Star Squadrans

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Super Asteroid Storm Front

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Land Protect Space Invasion